Template Designs

Whether you’re shopping around for a mobile or desktop website, or a solution that will cater to all audiences, Pharmacy Web Design has a solution for you. Choose from our templated designs and make the process of upgrading your website faster and easier than you ever thought possible. These templates will give you an idea of how your website will be laid out, but each individual piece will be customized to your own pharmacy – from color and font to imagery, logos and beyond.

Select a website type to see available designs. Each website type is optimized for different types of devices that could land on your website. Mobile & Desktop Sites are specifically designed for either mobile or desktop browsing experiences, while Responsive Sites are designed to fit any device that accesses your site.

  • Mobile

    Browse our mobile website design templates to get started building a pharmacy website that’s made for the busy healthcare provider or patient on-the-go. Our design process makes upgrading to a mobile site fast and easy - just the way it should be!

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  • Desktop

    The desktop design templates that we offer will reflect the individuality of your pharmacy without breaking your budget. Choose from a selection of desktop templates to get you started, and let us customize your design of choice to fit your brand.

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  • Responsive

    Our team of web designers and developers are experts in creating responsive websites for pharmacies. View our responsive templates and show off a website that caters to the audience you’re trying to reach - wherever they are and whenever they choose to browse.

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