• Why does my business need a website?

    While we could go on for days explaining the advantages of having a website (branding, providing additional revenue opportunities, save on printing and mailing costs, reaching a worldwide or local market, making your business run more efficiently, etc.), only you can determine if your business needs a web site. More important in that decision however, is to set goals for your website. Without realistic, measurable goals, it will be hard to determine how effective the website is for your business and the opportunities that exist online for your business to grow.

  • How long will my website take to create?

    It is possible for us to complete your web site within a 4 week period of time. However, a 6-8 week turnaround time is more typical. A lot depends on how quickly you can reply with the information we need. For example: if you can provide logo, content, FTP/current website access to your project manager and answer any questions our team might have along the way the project will move much quicker. However, if you are working with a larger committee or are too busy to tend to the project, the length of time before the project is completed will increase, and launch date will be pushed back.

  • Are there designs I can choose from?

    Yes! TriMark Digital offers a number of pre-built website design options for our clients. There are a number of template and custom options that you can look at here. All of the websites created, either template or custom, offer a professional look and feel, enhanced usability features and have been proven to perform at high levels.

  • Will my website show up on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing?

    Yes! Pharmacy Web Design and TriMark Digital build websites based off what, together, is determined your customers' needs are, all while keeping search engines in mind. For example, instead of using Flash, we encourage rotating images. Instead of just a desktop site, we recommend a responsive design that adapts to all devices. Quality content is also a key factor in ranking well in search engines for your core keywords which is why we offer advanced monthly content strategy options. Getting to the top of search engines can take time and requires continued effort on a monthly basis. The benefit of working with a full service digital marketing agency is that we can recommend strategies and solutions that your site might need to get you to the top of search engines.

  • I am ready to invest in a new website. What should I do now?

    Call us directly or complete our online form. One of our Pharmacy Web Design consultants will be in touch to schedule an initial consultation and get started. We understand that researching the right approach to your online marketing is important to your business. If you think a new website is in your future but are overwhelmed by the options or unsure if it is the right step for you, contact us or call us at (919) 785-2275. After one of our marketing consultants learns more about your business and online goals, we may be able to suggest a solution that will be beneficial to your company’s bottom line.